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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Robert Carlyle & Jared Gilmore Play with Mr. Gold’s Cane in Gastown for 2×14

Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold will make it to Manhattan protected by the talisman of his long-lost son Bae’s cloak wrapped around his neck. We know it’s coming in February when Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes. After all, Rumple effectively blackmailed Emma into accompanying him last night, but why is Henry there?  A lot of Oncers have figured that out but let’s take it one spoiler at a time.

Sure Rumple and Henry have had their moments in Storybrooke but I doubt they’ve become as friendly as the two actors who play them — Robert Carlyle and Jared Gilmore. In between takes on Powell Street in Gastown last December, Gilmore had a lot of fun playing with Mr. Gold’s cane.  Note the pile of garbage bags on the sidewalk meant to signify New York City.

Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes on Sunday, February 10th.

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