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SHOOT: Rain Towers & Stunt for CONTINUUM’s Rachel Nichols at CBC Vancouver for 2×01 – Updated

Updated April 21, 2013.

Continuum‘s cop-from-the-corporate-future Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is back in her black high-tech cat suit  for a second season and was spotted kicking the crap out of some bad guys in CBC Vancouver’s parking garage last night. Other cast members commiserated on Twitter ahead of the “rain tower” night shoot, where Nichols got good and wet in front of a handful of fans, photographers and passersby on a closed block of Cambie Street downtown.

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Crew set up rain towers on either side of the entrance for a “rain effect”. That seems odd to people who know how much it rains in Vancouver but it has to be a deluge to show up on camera.

A Continuum stunt coordinator demonstrated the kick to Rachel Nichols, who then did it herself in take after take.

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