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SHOOT: Anna Torv as Fauxlivia & Rowan Longworth as “The Boy” in Coal Harbour for FRINGE 5×12 Liberty

Olivia (Anna Torv) has crossed over to the alternate universe in 2036, using a mega-dose of cortexiphan, to ask an aged Fauxlivia (also Anna Torv) for her help in the plan to rescue “the boy” from a heavily-guarded Observer detention camp on Liberty Island in our universe. Crossing back and forth between universes on the Island, Olivia succeeds in retrieving Michael before dissection and the Liv dopplegangers bring him back on a launch to Battery Park, actually Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver, where the rest of the Fringe team waits in the blueverse.

Fauxlivia smiles goodbye as Olivia and Michael cross back over.

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