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PROMOS: EMILY OWENS M.D. Series Finale Preview — Will or Micah?

It looks like Emily (Mamie Gummer) will make a choice between Will  (Justin Hartley) and Micah (Michael Rady) in the series finale tomorrow night. Fans are divided between #TeamWill and #TeamMicah.  But Will”s myopia about Emily’s frenemy Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) makes him a poor choice. Can he redeem himself? Who will Emily choose?

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While it’s unfortunate for the creative team and Vancouver crew behind Emily Owens M.D. that the show didn’t attract the audience it deserved  The CW should get kudos for airing all thirteen episodes after cancelling it, so that fans could have some closure.


2 thoughts on “PROMOS: EMILY OWENS M.D. Series Finale Preview — Will or Micah?”

  1. Very very disappointed. It’s not to often any more where you get to see a series that you can relate in life and “Emily Owen, M.D.” was a rare moment in my week to watch this series. I don’t care how rating have to do with keeping a show on or not just because it doesn’t reach a current level. It was fresh less crime involved but still dealt with everyday issues with a sense of optimism and comic relief and grace. The actors/characters were real and someone you wanted to get to know better week in and week out. Like so many other interesting humanistic life style series that I have started to watch intrigued by their circumstances – only after a month or so and the show is cancelled i.e. Blind Justice, Life. Whatever happened to integrity of a good show over ratings/far fetched plot series by the way to many on t.v. now along with pardome my English real dumb reality shows with no character or substance. Honestly, just bring back this show for another season and see how much better our t.v. choices would be then to watch starting with Emily Owen, M.D. Think of how it would help B.C. Film industry and the support it will have then. Use your common sense remember what is was like when we watched t.v. back in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s – series that lasted for several seasons because it had a good foundation of respect, family values, and yep integrity. Count me as one of your ratings weekly when it comes to watching something like Emily Owen and think not just twice but several times over before pulling the plug on a show that doesn’t fit your criteria at first – like all good things similar to a well kept garden all it needs is some time plenty of sunshine and just the right amount of water for it to grow. It was/is a good series and just needs a little more time to get noticed. Keep pulling the plug on possible good series that has integrity and you may end up loosing more viewers – it’s difficult trying to find a good show these days as it is. Put Emily Owen back on air and you’ll have a fan for many seasons to come.

    Hey hire me to get the right shows on air and you’ll never have to worry about how much $$$$$ and rating levels you’re trying to get. My 2 cents worth which by the way – pennies are not in circulation any more. It’s a nickel now.

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