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SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Historical Storybrooke Map in Steveston – Updated

Once Upon a Time put up a new prop Historical Storybrooke map in Steveston today. I photographed it but haven’t had a chance to look at it closely, except to notice the absence of Storybrooke Town Hall (usually played by Fort Langley Community Hall).



1. Granny’s Bed & Breakfast


2. Storybrooke Shipyard

3. Storybrooke Theater

4. Gulf of Storybrooke Cannery NHS

5. Storybrooke Heritage Farm

6. Storybrooke Hospital

7. Storybrooke Library

8. Storybrooke Community Center

9. Storbyrooke Elementary School

10. Storybrooke Boathouse (Sic)


11. Storybrooke Coffee Company

12. La Tandoor Indian Restaurant

13. Granny’s Diner

14. Purbeck Shoes

15. Neighbourhood Five & Dime

16. Modern Fashions

17. Storybrooke Country Bread Bakery

18. Storybrooke Post Office

19. Marine Garage


The name of the park obscured by a rain spot is Foreshore Park.

3 thoughts on “SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Historical Storybrooke Map in Steveston – Updated”

    1. Unforunately it was only up for that day’s shoot covering the Steveston historical map. Not much of Storybrooke left in Steveston right now although I think the post office still sells Storybrooke, Richmond t-shirts.

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