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SHOOT: Japanese Monster Reboot GODZILLA Rampages Through South Nanaimo – Part 1

Look out Godzilla. USAF missiles are coming your way. The 3D Japanese monster reboot is rampaging through south Nanaimo on Vancouver Island today, filming scenes of a WRail train carrying missiles and dozens of military extras through prop wreckage in Godzilla’s wake, including a burntout vehicle and a downed helicopter.  Production started filming at the Cambie Pub in downtown Nanaimo on Wednesday with Aaron Taylor- Johnson spotted on set, then moved to Ladysmith yesterday for more prop wreckage on railroad tracks and prop traffic. I will write more about today’s shoot when it wraps. 

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10 thoughts on “SHOOT: Japanese Monster Reboot GODZILLA Rampages Through South Nanaimo – Part 1”

    1. Godzilla (production codename Nautilus) casting call for Asian male extras a few weeks ago on Craigslist so yes there is an opportunity to be an extra. Might have been other casting calls but that’s the one I saw.

  1. I’m really glad to see that they’re not going completely overboard with the CGI here. Seeing this gives me hope that this will be one of the few movies that has a good balance of CGI

  2. They will be filming in the village of Steveston for the next few weeks – just came to our house with a notice of the filming schedule (much more organized than the once upon a time crew!! – and more transparent, which is nice)

    1. I heard about Godzilla in Steveston next week. Some Once Upon a Time fans have been joking that it must be Godzilla who destroys Storybrooke. I’m glad that they’ve been transparent. I look forward to seeing whatever can be seen.

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