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SHOOT: Return of Charlie in SUPERNATURAL 8×20 at Hastings Community Centre

Computer hacker and beloved Queen of Moondoor Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) returns to Supernatural for the third time (second time this season) in the upcoming Pac-Man Fever. She brings a case to Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) to investigate. Not much is known about episode twenty yet, but crew did film scenes on Wednesday night of Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Charlie (Felicia Day) inside the Impala surrounded by food trucks at east Vancouver’s Hastings Community Centre.

Fans at the night shoot congratulated the crew on Supernatural’s viral Harlem Shake video, now approaching 2 million views on YouTube in just a couple of days. [over 10 million by season’s wrap]

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Jensen Ackles, aka the star of Supernatural Shake, in the Impala.

Supernatural returns with a new episode on March 20th.

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