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SHOOT: Stephen Amell & Katie Cassidy Do ARROW Flashbacks in Coal Harbour for 1×21 – Updated

Why are Oliver Queen & Laurel Lance kissing? It’s flashback time in the [third-to-last} episode of Arrow’s hit first season. I hope this isn’t Laurel (Katie Cassidy) saying goodbye to her Ollie (Stephen Amell) before he heads off on the Queen’s Gambit with his Dad and Laurel’s sister. Was younger Oliver really such a cad?

Update: Yes he was. Oliver makes a call to Laurel’s sister Sarah when he spots Laurel – “Hey Sarah. You here? You might want to circle around the block a few times. Your sister just showed up.”

And a pullback to the full scene with the camera crew on the rainy dock.

And even further. That’s the Queen’s Gambit at the Stanley Park end of the Harbour Cruises & Events dock.

Arrow returns with a new episode on March 20th.

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