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SHOOT: You Won’t See This Running Stunt by ARROW Stunt Double Simon Burnett on 1×18 Tonight

Oliver Queen and The Hood stunt double Simon Burnett did stunt after stunt for tonight’s Arrow episode Salvation in Gastown in late February. He wove through traffic on a motorcycle, slid down a fire escape ladder, jumped from the roof of one building to another on a wire and jumped over a semi-trailer piled with plywood crates through a yellow Starling City cab and ran into an alley. It’s the last stunt you won’t see on screen tonight. Why? Because star Stephen Amell executed it so well that there was no need for a double. So here are Amell and Burnett prepping for the stunt and Burnett doing it.

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Stephen Amell checking out the semi-trailer and wearing his Arrow Stunt Department jacket.

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