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SHOOT: TV Pilot ALMOST HUMAN Films Armoured Car Heist in Vancouver’s Business District

Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman’s new TV pilot Almost Human (formerly Human) for FOX pays homage to Fringe in so many ways. The production uses many of the former Vancouver Fringe crew as well as its production signs BELLY. Some of the set dressing looks familiar too, but with a twist. Almost Human is about a futuristic Los Angeles where police officers are paired with android partners and stars Karl Urban (Star Trek’s Bones) as one of the human cops and Michael Ealy (Underworld Awakening) as an android cop. Neither actor was spotted in the downtown business district for the armoured car heist although they were on set. Almost Human turned the Guiness Tower into Division Tower and Oceanic Plaza into West Plaza and hired thirty or so PAs (production assistants) to control the set and 80 costumed extras to work as background for the heist with loud prop gunfire. Almost Human is a big for a pilot. Huge, in fact. Almost Human’s second unit filmed up on Galardi Way on Burnaby Mountain at the same time as the downtown shoot. The heist drew a crowd, who lined the Hastings pedestrian bridge to watch the action, leaving only enough room for the camera crew on the bridge.

During afternoon LUNCH, other crew pulled over the armoured vehicle on West Hastings Street to simulate the aftermath of an explosion.

Strangely garbed background performers about to become casualties of the armoured car heist in future L.A..

Air quality has worsened in future L.A.

Quick Volt electric car stations lined the block in future L.A.

Quick Stand Kiosks in future L.A. : Stomach Liner, Frozen Treat, Protective Measure, Digital Friend, Mystical Mystical Soup, Sucrose Fix, Experience Enhancer, Elector Enforcer, Mediterranean Spheres, Synthetic Pet, Intellect Expander and Courage Fluid.

Do you recognize the 1940s coat and hairstyle from the fifth season of Fringe?


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