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SALE: Sam & Dean Memorabilia at SUPERNATURAL Wardrobe Sale

Only a Supernatural end-of-season wardrobe sale would have blood-stained clothing to purchase.

And a big rack of flannel shirts, half XXL, aka Sam-size.

And some distressed coats. Which characters do these belong to? 

Plus a relatively tiny section of lingerie from the show’s demon babes and very occasional love interests (sometimes both).

But where were the racks of beige raincoats, asked @Canadagraphs on Twitter? Surely Castiel hasn’t been wearing the same one for  five or six seasons. Signs pointing to the Supernatural sale at Canada Motion Picture Park looked ominous — Film Studio Liquidation Sale. Unless you noticed the fine print — Wardrobe.

On the way in, I spotted a woman coming out with a big black garbage bag full of clothes which she popped in the back seat of her convertible BMW. Everybody loves a bargain it seems. The man in the suit below didn’t mind that his fake FBI clothes didn’t come with fake FBI accreditation.

Inside the soundstage were some standing sets for the final two episodes of season eight which I won’t share.

On the way out a friendly security guard asked, “Did you get enough Sam and Dean memorabilia?” The fans who showed up near the end sure did. Some went a little crazy buying bags of it for just $20 a bag.

PS Some Godzilla crew building a set on a neighbouring soundstage took a break in lawnchairs outside to watch the comings and goings at the Supernatural sale.

11 thoughts on “SALE: Sam & Dean Memorabilia at SUPERNATURAL Wardrobe Sale”

  1. This is 9 kinda of awesome. I wish i lived in Vancouver, i’d be on it like divine on dog dookie. The big rack of flannel shirts is Bobby’s clothes, not Sam, i’m pretty sure. WHY ARE THEY GETTING RID OF BOBBY’S STUFF 🙁 Yeah i don’t think there is any Castiel stuff cuz he’s still on the show, just like there doesn’t seem to be any of Sam or Dean’s regular clothes. Cool though that there is the Western Coats from 6.18 Frontierland. And i recognise some of this bloodied shirts. Like the first pic, the first one on the lower rack is from 2.14 – Born Under A Bad Sign when Dean first finds Sam bloodied and confused in the motel room. And the shirt sticking out of the second pic is from 4.04 – metamorphosis, when Sam and Dean repeatedly shot Samhain. And I’m pretty sure the shirt the guy is holding is Dean’s and the suit he’s wearing is Sam’s :). I’m a supernatural dork… therefore i should have it all. ROFLMAO 🙂 I know if i was the one working who had the option of selling it. I SO WOULD NOT and keep it all to myself. lmao 🙂 I so want those Western coats though 🙁

    1. Belinda have you received an answer from Maynards? I just saw this now 🙁 I bet it’s over already. Plus the fact that I’m from South Africa doesn’t really help. DAMN YOU OCEAN daaaaaaaaaaaaamn youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. They should have advertised better and gave the option for fans all over to buy, not just in Canada. So unfairly unfair … Also, I got that Essential SPN Book and it says in there somewhere that when Kripke was still involved in SPN he insisted having the caracter of Castiel’s trench coat burnt after shooting an episode where Cas starred in. Could be that, OR could be that it’s a wardrobe before Cas was in the picture. Remember he wasn’t originally a regular character 🙂

      1. Supernatural had no idea what kind of demand there would be for wardrobe from the show. Simply needed to clear space in their studios at the end of of the season. So asked Maynard to organize a clearout sale. It could have been big but no one thought about international fan interest.
        Strangely there were no racks of Castiel trenchcoats. They’ve been spotted in wardrobe on set but were not part of the clearout sale.

      2. I agree they advertise supernatural actual clothing sale selling for so cheap and then can’t even have an opportunity to purchase anything kinda sucks

    2. Okay, first of all, Sam and Dean repeatedly shot Samahain in “It’s The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester” not “Metamorphosis” (where the poor guy was turning into some kind of bug). And those are not “Western coats”… the coats has stripes on the sleeves indicating military rank and it’s from season 3’s “Red Sky At Morning” by the sailors brother, the one who hanged him. The other coat isn’t a “western ooat” either and I’m pretty sure the othe coat is from season 3’s “Time Is On My Side”, worn by Doc Benton. And, lastly, that is not Dean’s shirt that the man is holding. Dean wears plaid flannels and solid color button downs, not printed shirts. Try doing some research before claiming to know who wore what and what belongs to who.

      1. I don’t know why i wrote 4.04 – Metamorphosis, i do know it is 4.07 – It’s the great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester. Silly me. I am a supernatural dork, so i pay more attention to what’s happening rather than the exact clothes they are wearing. i don’t mind that you picked up where i was probably wrong (not to mention i have no idea about era clothing), i was only guessing based on looking at this, not checking up on it and making a friendly observation, but at least i got a few of them right. you can’t put me completely to shame. lol. (i think that shirt, for some reason, i keep thinking is the one that Dean was wearing in 1.14 – Nightmare, (which i think was a block red button up) but i know it’s not, it just keeps reminding me of that! Lol.

    1. Someone spotted the notice of the sale on Maynard’s site and tweeted it on #yvrshoots. Word spread quickly among local SPN fans.

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