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SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Big Fight at Steveston Docks as San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Godzilla fought other monsters last week for three nights in a row at the Steveston docks dressed like San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf. U.S. soldiers did their best, shooting bullets at the primeval sea monsters in the water from a red Go Whales Tours whale-watching boat. Despite the noise of the simulated gunfire, it wasn’t effective. I asked the military extras if they thought they’d got him — “He’s still out there. Stay tuned,” they admitted.

And so Godzilla returns to the Steveston docks tonight, but this time with the second unit. Does this mean Godzilla goes kaboom?

The Wow factor at the night shoots is the size of the hoists and lights not the monster we can’t see. Lights bigger than anything we’ve seen in Vancouver. Even bigger than Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, according to someone who worked on the Tom Cruise blockbuster.

Floating hoist on a barge.

Military extras have fun rehearsing to shoot at something big and not there.

Alcatraz Bayside Bistro.

Setting up. Green screen backdrop on Bayview to show San Franciso night skyline?

Carrying the flag to Steveston docks.

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