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SHOOT: GODZILLA Invades ONCE UPON A TIME’s Storybrooke, aka Steveston

Feature film Godzilla invaded Steveston last week. Two hundred U.S. military extras stormed the village to protect it from the wrath of the Japanese monster. Ahead of the Tuesday shoot, crew turned Moncton Street into a different American town instead of the familiar Storybrooke, Maine, of Once Upon a Time. They covered up the Steveston Marine & Hardware with Tall Pines Tools and Fasteners rather than Welcome to Storybrooke. Turned the Cannery Cafe into Taqueria Bosque. instead of Granny’s Diner. Dressed Splash Toys as the Wood Eagle Bar rather than Neighbour’s. And so on.

U.S. military backgrounders outside what used to be Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker in Storybrooke.

Neighbour’s, aka Splash Toys, becomes the Wood Eagle Bar. And the windows decorated with flyers for upcoming bands: Fumgi Attack!, Japan Only, Fatal Treatment and Failure & Death.

Granny’s Diner, aka the Cannery Cafe, becomes the Taqueria Bosque.

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