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SHOOT: GODZILLA Snakes into Finn Slough as Japanese Fishing Village in Nuclear Quarantine Zone

Godzilla’s main unit is spending three afternoon/evenings this week filming in Finn Slough on the Fraser River dressed as a Japanese fishing village in a nuclear quarantine zone. It didn’t take much set dressing to get the right  look. Finn Slough in Steveston is a historic collection of houses on stilts, float houses, net sheds and drying racks left over from a Finnish fishing village founded in the late 19th century. All that was needed was vines of bamboo to cover up any signs of the 30-odd residents living there today.  The addition of a few falling-apart float homes and Japanese gates. Long black tubes to fill the air with smoke. And lots and lots of quarantine and nuclear zone exclusion signs  Camera crew motored into the slough yesterday afternoon from the river on a flat boat with a technocrane, snaking their way into the condemned village in take after take.


Before smoke machines below.


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