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CINECOUP: Final 5 Video Pitches from ALIEN ABDUCTION, BAD & GRADE NINE at Banff

Update June 10, 2013 – Regina’s Wolf Cop won the $1-million in production financing and guaranteed release.

After three-month-plus of missions and endless unpaid work, it all came down to one pitch to a panel of film industry executives (including uber Canadian filmmaker Robert Lantos) at the Banff Media Festival. The panel took about ten minutes or so to deliberate and then chose Regina’s Wolfcop — Dirty Harry…only Hairier —  from five CineCoup film accelerator finalists to win the up to $1 million in film production finacing  and guaranteed movie release next year in Cineplex theatres. Three Vancouver teams — Alien Abduction, Bad and Grade Nine — drowned their sorrows with beer along with Edmonton team Uprising. But the top ten projects have all been optioned and there is some crowd-sourcing funds available so all of their movies could be made after they catch up on sleep and regroup. Here are the CineCoup Final Five videos:


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And the winner from Regina, WOLFCOP

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Other finalist from Edmonton, UPRISING

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