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SHOOT: Hugh Dillon Films Vancouver Indie THE LAST CROP on Chinatown Roof

You’d think Hugh Dillon would be an easy man to find in Vancouver since he’s been recurring on Continuum as the mysterious Mr. Escher and on The Killing as death-row prison guard Francis Becker. But one character is mysterious (last seen in his office high up in the W-43 Tower in Gastown) and the other works in a prison (Burnaby Youth Detention Centre, Riverview, studio) so fan Julie had given up until he gave her a headsup today to check out Chinatown.

Dillon was up on a roof  helping out his friend James Hutson by appearing in his indie film The Last Crop about you-guessed-it — A man battles unknown enemies to find out who is stealing his marijuana crops. He learns that his own worst enemy may be himself.  Here’s a tracking shot of Dillon’s character Vincent coming out of an SUV and talking on his phone against a West Vancouver backdrop.

James Hutson (Carter), Hugh Dillon (Vincent) and Tygh Runyan (Zach)


2 thoughts on “SHOOT: Hugh Dillon Films Vancouver Indie THE LAST CROP on Chinatown Roof”

  1. YAY! Those turned out great!! 🙂 I haven’t looked at mine yet other than the phone ones. I’ll send on anything worthwhile. 🙂 It was fun!

  2. I had the pleasure of being a cast member in this film, and working with an incredibly talented and gifted group of individuals. A truly wonderful experience.. This is an amazing Film..

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