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SHOOT: 1967 – A PSYCH Odyssey Films in the Commodore Ballroom Downtown – Updated

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[UPDATE: In 1967: A Psych Odyssey directed by Kirsten Nelson the Psych cast rocks some great ’60s threads as our detectives try to solve the 1967 cold case murder of the Santa Barbara Mayor’s uncle, Archie Baxter. Check out EW’s first look at  hilarious ’60s flashback photos of James Roday as mustached Rodney Caruso, Dule Hill as band leader Myles Valour Jr., Timothy Omundson as murder victim Archie Baxter and Maggie Lawson as Scarlett Jones.]

Psych crew made the entrance to Vancouver’s historic Commodore Ballroom look a little seedy for a quick establishing shot today. The Art Deco-style nightclub on Granville Street is temporarily renamed the Limelighter Lounge with missing letters on a hot pink sign.  Psych is expected to film inside all day and into the evening. Here’s hoping  Gus (Dule Hill) gets to bust some moves on the Commodore’s famous sprung dance floor, circa 1929. [Dule Hill busted more than moves as ’60s band leader Myles Valour Jr. Look at that gold jacket.]

Psych’s  1967: A Psych Odyssey will air Wednesday, February 26th, on the USA Network.

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