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The Greatest Adventure on Earth. Begins at Sea. Greek gods are running rampant in modern America, waging war and fathering children, like young Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) who discovers in the first film adaption, The Lightning Thief. that the father he never knew is the Greek god Poseidon. In the second of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise, Percy and pals set out to retrieve the golden fleece in the Sea of Monsters (“what the humans call the Bermuda Triangle”) to save their beloved Camp Half-Blood, the summer camp where children of the gods are trained and protected. Joining him in “the greatest adventure on earth” are Brandon T. Jackson as his best pal and protector Grover Underwood (Brandon T. Jackson), a satyr who hides his goat horns under toques and his goat legs with crutches;  Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario), daughter of the Greek god Athena; and newly-discovered half-brother Tyson (Douglas Smith) a very tall, one-eyed cyclops. Along the way they meet several new characters,including the Greek god Hermes (Greek god Nathan Fillion). Excuse me, we’re looking for Hermes -Annabeth at UPS Store set in downtown Vancouver./Little insulted, you didn’t recognize me — Hermes dressed as UPS courier in shorts
[sz-youtube url=”” /] The special effects are magical. Here are some of the raw scenes filmed in Vancouver over two months. Related: Greek Ampitheatre  set at Camp Half-Blood in Robert Burnaby Park
Production then moved to New Orleans.
In theatres on August 7th.

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