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TRAILER: The CW’s THE 100 Starring Eliza Taylor

A Coming of Age Journey. At the Dawn of a New Age.

Yesterday. They Had No Hope of a Future. Today. They Are the Future’s Only Hope.

A nuclear apocalypse kills humanity on Earth but fortunately not everyone is on the ground.  Twelve space stations  are in orbit and come together to form the ARK.  Three generations of humans survive on the ARK,  dreaming of setting foot on the ground and breathing real air. 97 years after nuclear war, their government  is ready to risk one hundred juvenile delinquents, sending them down to the surface to see if it is habitable. Clarke Walters (Eliza Taylor) , daughter of Councillor Abigail Walters (Paige Turco), is one. Wells Jaha (Eli Goree), son of Chancellor Jaha (Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington), is another. Plus sister and brother Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Bellamy Black (Bob Morley), Finn (Thomas McDonell), Cece (Arrow’s Kelly Hu) and John (Continuum’s Richard Harmon). If they survive, their crimes will be forgiven. “We’re back”, shouts Octavia triumphantly, in a scene filmed in one of Vancouver’s local forests. And now they can do whatever the hell they want, like removing their wristbands to appear dead so that no one else  will come down. Up on the ARK, Clarke’s mother Councillor Walters is sentenced to death by Councillor Kane (Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick). And down on the planet, the 100 discover they’re not alone.

The preview is a vast improvement over the clip I saw earlier and explains why The 100 was so warmly received at The CW Upfront in New York.

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 The 100 premieres on The CW in 2014.

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