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COMIC-CON PREP: GODZILLA Sets Up Its Viral Marketing Campaign

Update: Godzilla director Gareth Edwards pre-taped a message for San Diego Comic-Con fans to preview the viral campaign about “something very big heading to San Diego.” He must have done this standup in Vancouver late last month on the Main Street set  in south Burnaby, dressed as San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Related: Godzilla turns Watchmen’s Main Street Set into San Francisco’s Chinatown.

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Legendary Pictures shared a news item about the disappearance of a Japanese fishing vessel Sun Five bound for San Diego [Comic-Con] which reported a collision with a “black iceberg”, with the ominous last words: “The iceberg….it saw us.” Uh-oh.
Godzilla Viral Marketing Campaign

This was followed by another item from a Citizen’s Weather Watch about something large out there and moving.

Godilla Viral Marketing Campaign

Check  for more sightings of this extremely large, black, moving object at

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