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TRAILER: New ELYSIUM Trailer Starring Bald & Buff Matt Damon

The Year 2154. Humanity is Divided. Between Two Worlds. We Live on Earth. The Privileged Live on Elysium. No Poverty. No War. No Sickness.

Elysium’s new trailer with Matt Damon kicking ass is a great advertisement for the Grouse Grind up Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, where Damon honed his time to about 43 minutes a climb two summers ago. He looks buff and action-ready as he fights his way from a ruined earth into the privileged world of space station Elysium ruled by the likes of Jody Foster’s head of the Elysium Corporate Authority.

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The scene of a spaceship crashing in an Elysium garden looks spectacular next to the reality of the bluescreen filming on the vast Kent Hangar gravel field.

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2 thoughts on “TRAILER: New ELYSIUM Trailer Starring Bald & Buff Matt Damon”

  1. The Bates Motel set is opening up today July 3 2013. They are taking the rapes off and the fences down and will be shutting soon.

    1. Thanks. Heard they’re building a rooftop for the gothic house too. No more CGIed roof in season 2. Scheduled to start filming season 2 on July 24th, but all the filming dates keep changing by a day or two so we’ll see what happens.

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