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SHOOT: TOMORROWLAND’s Greyhound $3.00 Grand Sightseeing Tour Bus in Yaletown

Tomorrowland’s main unit has left Vancouver for the north Okanagan, scheduled to start filming on an Enderby farm today. So it was a surprise to see the movie’s 1964 Greyhound $3.00 Grand Sightseeing Tour bus at David Lam Park this morning. A small camera crew climbed on board with some background performers to film scenes out the window at the greenery in the park. And then the bus drove off.

Tomorrowland’s biggest shoot so far used this Greyhound bus on August 8th as a prop to film scenes of 11-year-old Frank Walker (boy version of George Clooney’s middle-aged inventor character) disembarking and staring in wonder at the spectacle of the University of British Columbia (UBC)’s Main Mall dressed as the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

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4 thoughts on “SHOOT: TOMORROWLAND’s Greyhound $3.00 Grand Sightseeing Tour Bus in Yaletown”

  1. Were shooting in the Okanagan in 2 weeks, I’ll see if I can get you some pictures of the North Okanagan sets while i’m there.

    1. You’ll have a big scoop if you do. Sounds like the sets are completely private unfortunately. If they were on the water I’d ask my sister to sail by.

  2. Nice pics. Don’t bother coming to Enderby. You will not get any photo’s. The set is completely closed.
    The lay-out of the set, which is massive, unless you have a helicopter or are going to do some major illegal trespassing not going to happen. I am a photog that has lived here all of my life.
    Maybe Armstrong? I don’t know much about the shooting location there.
    The film commission here is being really paranoid about it.
    Some people were fired for talking and they brought new crews in.
    They are going a little overboard IMO.

    1. Thought it was serendipity that one of Tomorrowland’s biggest sets is in the north Okanagan where my sister lives but quickly learned from her how private it is with nothing visible from the highway. I didn’t know the film commission was in trouble for talking to the media. Thanks.

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