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YOUR SHOOT: ARROW’s S2 Love Triangle Gets Complicated

Photos by Larry/@BastardSonVan.

For an action-packed show, Arrow sure boasts a lot of “shipper” fan groups. And they want to know what’s happening with the Arrow love triangle in season two. Will Oliver (Stephen Amell) choose Laurel (Katie Cassidy) or Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards)? If Olicity shippers have their way, it will be Felicity. No contest. But producers aren’t going to make it that simple. Some new characters introduced  in season two seem designed to complicate romantic matters. Apparently, Laurel’s sister Sara (Caity Lotz) returns from the dead and has been spotted wearing black and feathers, suggesting she’s the Black Canary in the show’s origin story.  Plus Laurel has a new workmate, lawyer Adam Donner (Orphan Black’s “Hot Paul” Dylan Bruce), who can’t be ignored. And let’s not forget  Tommy (Colin Donnell)’s sacrifice either. That’s got to haunt the reunited Lauriver. But does any of this clear the way for fan-favourite couple Olicity? Producers seem to have other plans for Felicity, hinting at a surprising new romantic interest for her. Could it be Diggle (David Ramsey) or will it be a new character we haven’t met yet?

Stephen Amell looks like he’s having fun in his TV love triangle.

arrow panel triangle 9

arrow panel triangle

arrow panel triangle 2

Katie Cassidy has the look of her demon character Ruby on Supernatural in this photo below.

arrow panel laurel and ollie 5

Will there be a new couple in season two? Figgle/Delcity?

arrow panel - felcity diggle

And let’s not forget the highlight of the Arrow panel at San Diego Comic-Con: the moment when surprise guest John Barrowman appeared on stage wearing an Arrow t-shirt.

Arrow panel - jb

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1 thought on “YOUR SHOOT: ARROW’s S2 Love Triangle Gets Complicated”

  1. The shipper wars are about to get even nastier this coming season lol.

    I have such a love-hate relationship with lauriver. I feel like Stephen gives it all, he brings the chemistry and the acting but I get nothing from Katie. I wish she was on Stephen’s level, maybe I would be into this ship with the right actress or if the current actress actually improves.

    Then there is olicity, both Emily and Stephen seem to bring it. Their chemistry and acting is about the same level, such a joy to watch. Anyway I have a love hate thing with them too, I only see them as having platonic chemistry therefore better as friends.

    I’m pretty excited to see who will be Felicity’s love interest is going to be, this would be something pretty new for her. I just hope its not to Adam Donner guy, he sounds boring to me.

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