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YOUR SHOOT: Hugh Laurie Signs His Didn’t It Rain CD at TOMORROWLAND Set at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Photo by Julie Holden/@jholden23.

It rained so hard at the Tomorrowland shoot today at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre/Museum of Vancouver that plans for an exterior scene had to be scrapped. The night before, a small group of us saw Hugh Laurie out in the open in the evening sunshine at the “it’s a small world” set in the parking lot, tantalizingly close but too busy to meet anyone. Someone joked that Julie should hold her phone above her head like a boom box and blast out a few Hugh Laurie tunes to get his attention, as John Cusack  did in the movie Say Anything. But Laurie left set unexpectedly before the first rehearsal. So Julie came back to the planetarium today and stood in the rain until Laurie’s driver offered to take the Didn’t it Rain CD and get it signed — “Julie, And didn’t it rain on you too. Best, Hugh Laurie.”

tl hugh laurie

Hugh Laurie plays the dastardly mayor of Tomorrowland in the Brad Bird film, expected in theatres in December 2014.

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