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YOUR SHOOT: Misha Collins & Castiel Cosplay at SUPERNATURAL’s Vancouver Convention (#VanCon)

Instagram by Sean Koo/@scoobykoo

spn van con castiel clones

A bearded Misha Collins thrilled the annual Salute to Supernatural convention in Vancouver on Saturday when he appeared on stage to judge a Castiel cosplay contest and interact with a dozen or so Cas clones dressed in his character’s signature beige trenchcoat. A stareoff between Collins and young male contestant Matt Kennedy (@CounterTenor471) elicited cheers and screams from the audience. The young male doppelganger was a clear frontrunner with his “mechanical advantage”, as Collins put it, and his “anti-social energy” and “Misha vibe” until Collins noticed a young female Cas clone with fully extended angel wings. Collins suggested she “go for it” and test them out by flying over the crowd. So how to chose between these two fine contestants? A mock battle to the death of course. Young male Cas used his palm on her forehead while young female Cas with wings attacked her opponent with an angel sword. Collins declared both Castiels “creepy’ in their own way and decided to award them a joint first prize. Kudos to all the contestants who never broke character, staying anti-social and awkward to the end.

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