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TRAILER: Joel Kinnaman in ROBOCOP Remake

When Crime is out of Control. The Only Solution isn’t Human. Who is in Control? Man or Machine?

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Joel Kinnaman is the critically-wounded cop Alex Murphy who returns to the Detroit police force in 2028 as a powerful cyborg, thanks to multi-national OmniCorp’s robot technology in this RoboCop remake. This part-human part-robot police officer is the key to OmniCorp’s plan to sell robocops around the world and earn billions of dollars. But what happens when the man in the machine goes rogue in his pursuit of justice? Abbie Cornish co-stars as his wife Ellen Murphy; Samuel L. Jackson as  media mogul Pat Novak; Michael Keaton as the villainous CEO of Omni Corp. and Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton, the scientist who creates RoboCop.

Director José Padilha shot the 3D movie in Toronto and Detroit last year but extensive reshoots were done in Vancouver this May to accomodate Kinnaman’s commitment to film season 3 of The Killing here.

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RoboCop is scheduled for release next year on February 7th.

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