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VIFF: Director Bruce Sweeney’s THE DICK KNOST SHOW With Tom Scholte

“Broadcasting is a Contact Sport.”

Vancouver filmmaker Bruce Sweeney’s latest film The Dick Knost Show is about a shock jock talk radio host (Tom Scholte)  who loves Don Cherry-style Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em hockey and hates less violent sports like soccer. But the motormouth goes too far with controversial tweets about hockey concussions which draw the ire of his network bosses. And then Knost is concussed himself and his team — co-host Neill (Paul Skrudland), a heavily concussed, ex-pro hockey player obsessed with Paulina Gretzky and producer Kelly (Gabrielle Rose), a quick-witted no-bullshit manager who will-do-anything-to-save-her-career — have to scramble to save the show.

The Dick Knows Show - Bruce Sweeney

Trailer with scene filmed at Lost Lagoon:

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The Dick Knost Show premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) earlier this month but the west coast gets its first look at this funny media satire on September 29th at SFU Woodwards. For tickets go to

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