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VIFF: Director Jason James’s STD Rom-Com THAT BURNING FEELING

“Love Hurts.”

Production Still from That Burning Feeling
Production Still from That Burning Feeling

How do you sell a  romantic comedy about the least romantic thing possible? Vancouver director Jason James lined up an all-star cast led by Paulo Costanzo (Royal Pains, Vancouver indie Everything’s Gone Green) as charming womanizer Adam Murphy, a guy with just about everything who wakes up one morning with the one thing nobody wants — That Burning Feeling. John Cho (Harold & Kumar, Star Trek’s Sulu) is Adam’s boss and Tyler Labine (Tucker&Dale vs Evil, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) is Adam’s best friend. Now Adam has to tell all of his recent sexual conquests about that burning feeling. Is this any time for him to meet the woman of his dreams (Chelsea Lately’s Ingrid Haas)?


Tyler Labine and director Jason James represented the film at the Vancouver International Film Festival media conference last week, but Labine had to leave early. It’s the stuff of good comedy: Labine’s parking was about to expire and his pregnant wife overdue by three days.

“Comedy is a hard thing to do well,” director Jason James explains. “You don’t have to make it broad.” Characters aren’t inherently funny but their situations are.  James prefers to set them in the ” real world, grounded and honest” and then find the comedy in the situations. Like a womanizer with an STD who falls in love?

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That Burning Feeling poster

That Burning Feeling premieres September 29th at the Rio Theatre. For tickets go to

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