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SHOOT: THE INTERVIEW’s Skylark Tonight at CBC Vancouver

Update: Screencaps of The Interview’s James Franco & Seth Rogen filming at CBC Vancouver as Skylark Tonight.

ti cbc

ti cbc4

ti cbc10

Political spoof The Interview took over the CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights this week. Not much could be seen of the interior shoots except for this glimpse of the moniker Skylark Tonight in the lobby. Skylark Tonight must be the name of the fictional New York talk show hosted by James Franco and produced by Seth Rogen’s characters. The pair somehow get entangled in a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jon Un. How does that happen? Blame Lizzy Caplan’s femme fatale CIA agent, who seduces Franco’s talk show host into the assassination plot. Seth Rogen is a triple threat in this movie: producing and co-directing The Interview with childhood friend and longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg, as well as starring in it with fellow Freaks & Geeks alumni James Franco and Lizzy Caplan.




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