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VIFF: World Premiere of Taylor Hill’s LEAP 4 YOUR LIFE with April Telek

Mockumentary Leap 4 Your Life is a family affair. Twenty-something Taylor Hill wrote it during the final semester of her degree, produced it, cast it and designed costumes for it with her mother and co-stars in it as dweeby tries-too-hard contestant Molly, wearing braces supplied by her dentist father. “It was either get a car and move out or make a movie,” the now 24-year-old joked last night at the film’s world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

The young filmmaker told the packed house at the Rio Theatre that she wrote Leap 4 Your Life with specific cast in mind and got them all. April Telek is Maureen, the wildly competitive leader of a teen dance troupe;  Allie Bertram is Hilary, her star pupil; Mackenzie Porter is Brooke the runnerup, an aspiring country singer; and Reece Thompson is Matt the token male, whose father (a hilariously befuddled Peter Benson) assumes his son is gay for choosing dance as his “sport”.  The stage parents have some of the funniest lines and scenes in what is already a very funny film directed by Gary Hawes.

You can catch Leap 4 Your Life on October 5th at Cinematheque during the festival or on October 12th at its special red-carpet screening at Vancity Theatre. The “little film that could” won the Audience Must See Award and Screening in VIFF’s online #mustseeBC contest for BC filmmakers.

Garry Chalk, director Gary Hawes and triple threat writer, producer and star Taylor Hill.


Taylor Hill (Molly the anchor), producer Barbara Hill and Mackenzie Porter (Brooke the runnerup)


Anne Marie DeLuise (Brooke the runnerup’s MILF mother), Allie Bertram (Hilary the star) , Reece Thompson (Matt the token male)


Julia Benson (stepmother to young contestant), April Telek (wildly competitive dance troupe leader) and Peter Benson (Matt the token male’s supportive father)


Nicole Oliver (Hilary the star’s mother), mike in hand, talking about the script. Peter Benson, Dan Payne, Vincent Tong, John Cassini and Christine Chatelain.



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  1. I thought the guy who played Matt wasn’t there. He had the taping of his sitcom in Burnaby that evening. Saw that on his twitter page.

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