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IN MEMORIUM: Fringenuity Co-Founder Aimee Long

“Fringe is a story about love strong enough to break the world, and strong enough to heal it.”

aimee long

Fringenuity co-founder Aimee Long  (@aimeeinchains) died in her sleep this week. The quote above was inside the Thank You cards given by the Fringenuity team a year ago to Fringe cast, crew and others who made a difference to her show. And the same could be said about Aimee. Hers is a story about a love for a show strong enough to save it. When Fringe was in danger of not being renewed for its final season, she organized a team and thousands of fans around the world to fight for it through Friday night social media campaigns. And it worked in a way that Save Our Show campaigns hardly ever do because of Aimee.

Her fiancé Bob hoped that she made a difference in our lives as much as the Fringe fandom did in hers. Yes she made a incalcuable difference. For me she symbolizes a field of white tulips in a Vancouver winter.

Aimee Long’s funeral is this Monday, November 11th, in Ironton, Ohio.

2 thoughts on “IN MEMORIUM: Fringenuity Co-Founder Aimee Long”

  1. Aimee, I will miss you always! I very blessed to have known you & to have had you as a friend in my life! All my love & prayers to your loved ones!

  2. Aimee was a true inspiration and the wind behind the Fringe fandom wings. I will always remember her as the voice of @Fringenuity and as one of the kindest people who always made time for me when I’d be asking for advice on how to make an impact and campaign for a final season of our beloved show on my Facebook page.
    She was a leader and an extraordinary visionary who will be missed by the entire Fringe fandom. Every Fringie on this planet knows who @aimeeinchains was and we were very lucky to have her.
    Thank you Aimee, for always being there for all of us. 🙂
    My heart goes out to Aimee’s fiancé Bob, to her son and her mum, grandma & great-grandma. She was truly special. R.I.P Aimee Long – our constant, our white tulip and our dear friend.

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