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SHOOT: ROGUE S2 Films Cole Hauser, Alec Newman & Aleksa Palladino Making Large Bank Withdrawal Downtown

rogue 10.13_marked

Cole Hauser as Ethan and Alec Newman as Ray.

rogue 10.77_marked

Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) goes back undercover in the second season of Rogue to investigate a San Francisco/Oakland security firm founded by former soldier Ethan Kelly (Cole Hauser) with three of his  military comrades (Alec Newman, Clayton Crawford and Brendan Fletcher). These military contractors share a terrible secret which they don’t want exposed. Shades of Blackwater?

Whatever their secret, it looks like Ethan Kelly (Hauser) needed a whole wad of cash today, sending Ray (Alec Newman) and undercover agent Sarah (Aleksa Palladino)  into a fictional Canadian bank called the Canada Alliance Bank.. Ethan (Hauser) drove the car up to the entrance this morning, on a closed-for-filming east bound lane of 300 block West Pender Street downtown.

Season two is expected to wrap filming this week and Monday’s shoot appears to have been Ethan’s backstory in Afghanistan, played by the Coquitlam gravel pits with a helicopter overhead, military vehicles, simulated gunfire and military extras.

Empty blue bag going in.

rogue 10.44_marked

Full blue bag coming out.

rogue 10.99_marked

rogue 10.1_marked

Ethan (Cole Hauser) remains in the driver’s seat while his colleagues enter and exit the bank.

rogue 10.53_marked

rogue 10.3_marked

rogue 10.66_marked

rogue 10.5_marked

Rogue wrapped the exterior scenes around lunchtime and moved inside the former bank building to film interiors.


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