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SHOOT: ARROW’s Stephen Amell & Susanna Thompson Film Moira Queen for Mayor Rally in the Vancouver Convention Centre for 2×13 – Updated

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UPDATE: Doesn’t this look like a proud, happy Queen family up on the platform? Well, it isn’t as we learned in 2×13 Heir to the Demon. Felicity tells Oliver (Stephen Amell) that Thea (Willa Holland) is Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)’s daughter just as he is about to introduce his mother Moira (Susanna Thomspon) at her Starling City mayoral rally. Yet another example of his mother”s duplicity. A shocked Oliver gives a halting speech endorsing his mother but later tells her they’re “done”. He will keep up appearances for Thea’s sake only. Much of this episode was filmed in, around and below the Vancouver Convention Centre.

From felon facing the death penalty to Starling City mayoral candidate, Moira Queen travels a long way in next year’s block of episodes. Arrow filmed a Moira Queen political rally at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Wednesday and a car chase in the underground parking lot on Tuesday. Only the tops of the Queen signs, American flags and balloons could be seen from outside until the big scene atop the raised podium.

The Scene: Walter Steele (Colin Salmon) invites Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) up on stage to speak about his mother, Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) who stands to his left with her daughter Thea Queen (Willa Holland). After the introduction, mother gives son a public hug on her way to speak at the podium. So this is a proud, happy Queen family moment but it wouldn’t be Arrow if there weren’t villains somewhere ready to interrupt and cause mayhem at the event. Who will cause trouble?

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[Now I notice Oliver isn’t hugging back.]

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Colin Salmon waved at those watching on the cold street below.

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Arrow filmed Oliver Queen’s series premiere welcome home bash in the Vancouver Convention Centre more than a year ago.

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