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SHOOT: CONTINUUM S3 Films Erik Knudsen & Magda Apanowicz at CBC Vancouver Plaza

cont 3.5_marked

Update: Emily (Magda Apanowicz) sees and talks to two Alecs (Erik Knudsen) in this scene for 3×03 Minute to Win It.

Continuum’s second season ended with a grieving Alec Sandler (Erik Knudsen) snatching the time travel device to go back in time and “save” his girlfriend Emily (Magda Apanowicz) from death. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he might have found her in season three. But is this his Emily? And does she know him? The scene: a hooded Alec sees Emily walk by a Vancouver Heritage Site sign, runs to catch up and turn her around to face him.


cont 3.1_marked


cont 3.23_marked

Actors Erik Knudsen and Magda Apanowicz have a laugh below while waiting for the next camera setup of what looked like a serious scene on the CBC Vancouver plaza.


Continuum season 3 is expected to air next year on Showcase in Canada and Syfy in the U.S.

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