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UPDATE: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Films Drunk Ana (Dakota Johnson) Scene at Burrard Iron Works

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On Thursday night, Fifty Shades of Grey filmed the famous scene of Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) vomiting “spectacularly on to the ground” in front of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and spurned Jose (Victor Rasuk) at the back of a pub. She is out celebrating her final exam with best friend Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford) and drunk digits the mysterious Seattle billionaire. Of course Grey tracks her down and takes control. They dance but she is ill and dizzy and passes out on the pub floor, waking in his hotel room the next morning to learn she has slept there. 75 local extras played the Washington State University – Vancouver students, coming and going from the bar set in the Burrard Iron Works building to the big white tent in the photo below. The night exterior took place at the rear of Burrard Iron Works under the Main Street overpass with nothing much visible to anyone outside production. You can see the black wall of scrims surrounding the set. It seems we will have to wait to see if Ana vomits as “spectacularly” in the movie as in the book.

50 shades ss

And we will have to wait and see if Fifty Shades of Grey filmed sex or bondage scenes at Burrard Iron Works before the bar scenes. That’s the rumour but it’s not confirmed.

After a two-day break, Fifty Shades of Grey resumes filming tomorrow and perhaps in this public location where crew has been busy adding leaves to bare trees to turn December in Vancouver, B.C. into May in Vancouver, Washington. It doesn’t look ready yet but we’ll find out Sunday if this is the next location.

UPDATE: Fifty Shades of Grey is filming inside the Jameson Tower downtown Sunday. WSU Vancouver graduation scenes are not expected for a few days so the crew below has more time to make these trees look like spring.

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