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SHOOT: FALLING SKIES Films Scarlett Byrne and an Overlord in Surrey’s Tynehead Park


Harry Potter alumnus Scarlett Byrne filmed a Falling Skies scene today wearing the white blonde wig she calls “Trouble” and a floor-length red gown. Who is she?  Falling Skies says her character  is a “mysterious young woman with special powers and an unusual connection to the alien invaders.” No kidding. That’s one tall Overlord she’s with.

In the Fight for Earth but Fear the Skies season four trailer, she is introduced at the end with the words “When all is lost, let the Moon be your guide”.

fs th50

And do you remember at the end of season 3 when Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), his eldest son Hal (Drew Roy), middle son Ben (Connor Jessup), youngest son Matt (Maxim Knight) and the rest of the band of resistance fighters called 2nd Mass (2nd Massachusetts) were reunited with Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Tom and Anne’s human-alien hybrid daughter Alexis? Could Scarlett Byrne be Lexi now?

The ladies of Falling Skies: Scarlett Byrne, Sarah Carter, Seychelle Gabriel.

fs LadiesinRed

Aliens of Falling Skies from mechanical attack drones Mechs to green six-legged creatures Skitters to the ruling Overlords to the Volm with more to come.

fs ts30_marked

6′ 6″ actor inside the green hooded- robe gets his own umbrella holder.

fs th11_marked

fs th1_marked



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Locals and their dogs stop to watch a bit of filming.

fs th3_marked


Falling Skies season 4 will premiere June 22nd this year on TNT.

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