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SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Films in The Heathman, aka the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

50 shades hv_marked

Update: Fairmont Vancouver Hotel offers a Fifty Shades package to stay in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite where the movie filmed.

Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) were spotted in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver late Friday morning. This suggests, as others tweeted, that our city’s 70-something French-Chateau-style namesake hotel is the location of Portland’s Heathman Hotel, where Jose (Victor Rasuk) photographs the Seattle billionaire in one of the hotel suites for the Washington State University-Vancouver article that Ana’s roommate Kate (Eloise Mumford) is writing. If so, then Fifty Shades of Grey is filming something in sequence this week from Clayton’s hardware store set in Ladner on Tuesday and Wednesday where Ana tells Christian Grey they need a photo of him to the Heathman Hotel set in downtown Vancouver on Friday and next Monday for the photoshoot, elevator ride and Christian-holding-Ana’s-hand-in-the-lobby.

50shades hv2_marked

50shades hv3_marked

The scenes: Washington State University-Vancouver students Ana, Kate and Jose arrive at Portland’s Heathman Hotel where Seattle billionaire Christian Grey is staying and are ushered up to an “elegant, understated” and “opulently furnished” suite where they set up for the photo shoot. Which suite do you think the Fifty Shades of Grey film crew chose?

Gallery Suite.

50shades hv14_marked

Morningside Suite.

50shades hv13

Royal Suite.

50shades hv16_marked

Lieutenant Governor’s Suite.

50shades hv18_marked

Christian Grey enters the suite with his bodyguard Taylor (Max Martini) and shakes Ana’s hand. Ana then introduces Grey to Kate and Jose, who will be taking the photographs. “Where would you like me?” Grey asks. Kate directs him to a chair against the wall. After twenty minutes, Jose says he has enough for the article.

As Christian Grey is leaving he asks Ana to walk with him and surprises her by inviting her out for coffee. She returns to the suite to tell the others and then joins him at the elevator. They ride down together and when the doors opens on the main floor he unexpectedly takes her hand and guides her through the expansive hotel lobby.

50shades hv8_marked

We can’t know if all of these scenes from the book take place in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver but some of them do. And we can’t know if everything will be as written but this is a key part of Christian Grey’s courtship of Miss Steele.

Remember Rainier Provisions in Gastown? It played the Portland Coffee House where Christian and Anna head from the hotel on their “first date”. This was the very first scene Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie filmed in Vancouver back at the beginning of December.

Related: Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) serves tea to Ana (Dakota Johnson) in Rainier Provisions.

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