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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Back in Steveston’s Storybrooke

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Storybrooke since Peter Pan’s curse seemingly blinked it out of existence. Before Christmas, Once Upon a Time filmed scenes at the Fort Langley Community Hall dressed as Storybrooke for a spring block episode. But today is the first time we’ve seen the main cast in Steveston as Storybrooke since Pan’s curse sent fairy tale characters back to the Enchanted Forest. How did they get here? Showrunner Adam Horowitz confirmed we will see Storybrooke again but not how, telling TV Line “how and why and what happens there is something we don’t want to spoil.”

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Most of us don’t want to be spoiled either. It’s enough to see Snow/Mary Margaret (pregnant Ginnifer Goodwin) Charming/David (Josh Dallas), Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Tinkerbelle (Rose McIver) filming today on a street covered in Storybrooke’s signature dried leaves. without knowing how it comes about. Everyone gawked like the child in the background.


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