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UPDATE: GRACEPOINT Starring David Tennant Starts Filming in Victoria Tomorrow


FOX’s Broadchurch-inspired series Gracepoint starts filming Tuesday morning with an establishing shot of the former Guardian pharmacy in Oak Bay turned Gracepoint Journal newspaper offices. Then moves inside for scenes of the young newspaper reporter (Kevin Zegers) talking to his editor about the murder of a local boy. And back outside for establishing shots of the Gracepoint Journal newspaper offices at night. It should be a good start to roughly four months of filming the 10-episode murder mystery in the greater Victoria area.


Gracepoint stars British actor David Tennant of timey-wimey Doctor Who fame, reprising his role as the lead detective investigating a boy’s murder in a small seaside town, a murder that becomes a national media feeding frenzy. This time the murder happens in the northern California coastal town of Gracepoint to be played by four hubs in the greater Victoria area: Oak Bay Village, home to the Gracepoint Journal newspaper offices; Beachcomber Beach at Island View where the body is discovered; Brentwood Bay with its harbour; and Sidney, home to the police station and morgue built inside Seaport Place.

Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad takes on the role of  the local detective, a wife and mother who lives in Gracepoint and has strong ties to the bereaved family and almost all of the suspects. Michael Pena of American Hustle is the murdered boy’s father, with Virginia Kull as his mother. Jackie Weaver co-stars as the glowering stranger in town who knows more than she’s letting on. Kevin Zegers is the young Gracepoint Journal reporter and Jessica Lucas, the big-city journalist, with Nick Nolte as the owner of the local kayak rental who runs a wildlife observation program where the murdered boy volunteered.

David Tennant is the lead detective in both the British and American series, but knowing who dunnit in Broadchurch won’t help you solve the murder on Gracepoint. FOX says Gracepoint will have a “different ending” than the Brit original.

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Gracepoint 2


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Island View.


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  1. question. Is there a way to get in touch with David Tennant on a set by sending mailing a picture/artwork? I am in the Eastern US.

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