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SHOOT: AGENT X’s Jeff Hephner in Big Stunt Sequence on Yaletown Tower

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Stunt performer Paul Lazenby.

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TNT pilot Agent X staged an elaborate fight stunt sequence on the roof of Yaletown’s Level Furnished Living tower Wednesday, which culminated in this satin-robed stunt actor dropping from a crane in a controlled fall into the swimming pool below. Who pushed him over the edge during a fight? Why Agent X, of course.

Agent X is about a newly-elected Vice President of the United States (Sharon Stone) who discovers that part of her new duties include the top-secret one of protecting the country in times of extreme threat, with the help of a clandestine operative known as Agent X (Jeff Hephner).

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Jeff Hephner discusses the rooftop fight sequence.

ax31_marked e

Tearaway sleeve and jacket.

ax2_marked e

Fight sequence on roof leads to edge.

ax20_marked e

And over the edge he goes.

ax39_marked e

To be hoisted up by the crane for the controlled fall into the pool.


Originally scheduled for Monday, this stunt sequence had to be scrapped that day because of snow.

agentx stunts6_marked

Body-weight bag.

agentx stunts5_marked

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