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Almost Human’s “white tulip” tribute to Fringe in last night’s episode Unbound left me verklempt. Almost Human crew set up and filmed a young woman buying white tulips at this Floradrop flower stall last December 17th outside the popular Meat & Bread at Oceanic Plaza downtown. How did I not notice the tulips when I walked by? It had been almost a year to the day that Fringe shot scenes of its series finale in Oceanic Plaza too. Of course the showrunner and crew would remember Fringe and mark the occasion. Not so sure about the close-up of wet white tulips lying next to the dying young woman in simulated rain but Fringe liked the macabre.

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White Tulip symbolism on Fringe: Walter Bishop receives a drawing of a white tulip in the mail symbolizing forgiveness for his stealing of  another Walter’s son Peter from an alternate universe. Young Peter and his future love Olivia find each other as children in a field of white tulips, filmed in Stanley Park. And before time-reset Olivia regains her memories of Peter she sits in a restaurant with white tulips on the table, filmed in Gastown. And last, but not least, Peter receives a drawing of a white tulip in the mail from Walter in the future in the series finale.



On a personal note, I so wish Fringie Aimee Long had lived to see the passing of the white tulip from one beloved show to the next.

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