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SHOOT: CONTINUUM S3’s Julian (Richard Harmon) in Cathedral Square Downtown

cont j1_marked

Who is Julian Randol (Richard Harmon) meeting with in Cathedral Square downtown? An avid fan can probably figure it out, but for now I won’t spoil it. Continuum has so many different factions headed into season three that it’s increasingly difficult to pick a side. Julian seems well on his way to becoming Theseus, the future leader of the rebellion against corporate power, but will Theseus really turn out to be the monster that Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) believes he will?

cont j2_marked

The great suede coat below is something I hoped Julian would wear but it belongs to Richard Harmon who had it on during rehearsal.

cont j3_marked

Continuum season 3 premieres Sunday, March 16th on Showcase in Canada.

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