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SHOOT: Jennifer Carpenter & Jack Davenport film ABC Pilot SEA OF FIRE in Deep Cove

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Teen Porno. Murder. Secrets of a Small Town. An American adaption of the Dutch series Vuurzee, Sea of Fire is about FBI agent Leah Pierce (Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter) and local sheriff Marty Kesowich (Jack Davenport)’s investigation into the fallout from a teen pornographic film on the girls’ families and others in the idyllic American town of Serenity Falls, played by North Vancouver’s Deep Cove this week. Does the uncompromising FBI agent alienate everyone with her blunt questions or can she and the sheriff find a way to work together? Does the sheriff delve into the crimes or cover up his seemingly perfect daughter Merel (Isabelle Cornish)’s involvement.  The scene: FBI agent Leah Pierce (Carpenter) asks Sheriff Kesowich (Davenport) about the missing girl Jane.

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Laughing after a take.

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Jennifer Carpenter ditched her shoes for uggs as soon as the scene wrapped, while wardrobe helped Jack Davenport take off his gun belt.

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Likely the other families will make appearances at the Serenity Falls Spring Rose Festival this week: Reverend Bobby (Jeffrey Nordling) and Adine McAllister (Amanda Detmer) are parents to Rudy (Keir Gilchrist) and the missing girl Jane (Morgan Taylor Campbell). Pete (Michael Trucco) and Kristen Harper (Christina Chang) are parents to Sonya (Zoe Soul) and Xander (Kevin G. Shmidt), the troubled boyfriend of the missing Jane.

Written by Jenna Banns of Scandal and directed by Allison Liddi-Brown, Sea of Fire is filming in Deep Cove from Tuesday night to Saturday this week.

4 thoughts on “SHOOT: Jennifer Carpenter & Jack Davenport film ABC Pilot SEA OF FIRE in Deep Cove”

  1. Love Christina Chang on ABC Nashville!! Can’t wait for this on TV yay! In our own backyard! More pics please !!

  2. Have deleted all of Nicole’s comments at her request since someone is prank calling her pretending to be Jennifer Carpenter.

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