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SHOOT: THE KILLING S4’s Linden (Mireille Enos) & Holder (Joel Kinnaman) at Mount Pleasant in Fake Rain

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Linden & Holder. The dynamic detective duo are back together again for The Killing’s fourth and final season. The scene: wearing-his-signature-hoodie and falling-off-his-bum-jeans, Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) hurries through Seattle rain to bring Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) takeout coffee and snacks in her car. Crew set up the rain towers just off Main Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver early Monday morning. A group of us watched through the Blenz Coffee windows as Joel Kinnaman performed his ordeal-by-rain-tower half-a-dozen times. I asked crew why it’s always Kinnaman who gets doused but can understand why they wouldn’t want to subject newly-pregnant and glowing Mireille Enos to a good soaking in the final season. Enos later surprised us by coming into Blenz on a break between setups and said hello to me and a handful of others watching. She is so gracious, lovely and calm compared to her character Sarah and the bond between actors Enos & Kinnaman seems every bit as strong as between characters Linden & Holder.

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Turning on the rain towers.

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Joel Kinnaman gets soaked.

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Really soaked.

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A long conversation in the car with some final season Holder-isms.

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Crew turns off the rain. Mireille Enos opens the door and sticks a foot out.

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Enos laughs at something Kinnaman says in the car.

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A bit of a height difference.

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Enos and Kinnaman leave set together and move on to the next location.

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Postscript: Season three Adrian (young Vancouver actor Rowan Longworth) visited the rain tower set with his mother but wasn’t in the Linden & Holder car scene. Perhaps Longworth will appear at the next location said to be Mountainview Cemetary. It would be fitting to revisit Ray Seward’s son in the final season.

The Killing’s final season will stream on Netflix.

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