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SHOOT: TNT Pilot PROOF’s Jennifer Beals Runs Down Robson Downtown

proof run20_marked

The Vancouver Public Library is playing a hospital again today for TNT pilot Proof. The scene: Dr. Carolyn Tyler (Jennifer Beals) runs down Robson Street on the south sidewalk and then crosses over (stunt double) to run on the north sidewalk by Bay Vista Medical Center staff and a bus stop with a Loft billboard as a flashing prop Bay Vista ambulance drives by.

Related: Proof Turns Vancouver Public Library Walkway into Bay Vista Medical Center Corridor.

Produced by Kyra Sedgewick (who is in town to oversee filming of the pilot), Proof is a supernatural medical drama about a doctor who’s asked to investigate cases of reincarnation and hauntings for proof. Despite her own recent bereavement she remains Scully-skeptical and reliant on hard science when it comes to answering the question — is there something beyond death?

proof run2_marked

Each photograph is a different take and I lost count how many times she did it.

proof run10_marked


proof run8_marked

proof run3_marked

Imagine this camera cart chasing you down Robson Street.

proof run13_marked

Jennifer Beals waits for her turn to run.

proof run19_marked

Medical Center extras hang out on Vancouver Public Library south plaza.

proof run29

Billboard set dressing.

proof loft

5 thoughts on “SHOOT: TNT Pilot PROOF’s Jennifer Beals Runs Down Robson Downtown”

  1. This show cannot be bad it can only be successful with Jennifer and Kyra. Good luck to both of you guys. Miss Brenda on the Closer but understand people need to move on.

  2. I’m so excited to see #Proof JBeals is amazing in anything she does. I can’t express how excited I am to get the chance to see her on my TV screen every week. I miss The L Word, and the Chicago Code. Its going to be brilliant!

  3. I cannot wait to see Jennifer Beals in her role as an MD. She is a good actress and it has been awhile since I saw her. Thanks to Kyra for choosing my idol.

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