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START DATE: Robert Kirkman’s AIR with Norman Reedus Expected to Start Filming March 24th

air noman reedus

Who says television’s #1 show The Walking Dead has no stars? Norman Reedus is huge and he’s coming to Vancouver this month to film sci-fi thriller Air produced by The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman. If you watch the after-show The Talking Dead, then you’ll know who Kirkman is, too.

Air is about two custodial workers (Norman Reedus, Djimon Hounsou) who adminster to others in a cryogenic sleep chamber underground after a nuclear fallout has made the Earth’s atmosphere toxic. How do these two men keep sane among the sleeping multitude in the last livable place on the planet? Will humans ever be able to inhabit the surface again?

Let’s hope they do because otherwise the chances of seeing Norman Reedus film in Vancouver are pretty slim. Christopher Cantamessa co-wrote and will direct the feature.

Air is scheduled to film here from March 24th to April 18th (dates subject to change).

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