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SHOOT: THE AGE OF ADALINE Hijinks With Blake Lively on Burnaby’s Barnet Beach


The Age of Adaline filmed scenes of immortal Adaline (Blake Lively) and companion laughing on a windy beach (Burnaby’s Barnet Beach) as their hats flew off (the flying yellow object is Blake Lively’s hat). Born in the early 1900s, Adaline is blessed with eternal youth after a near-fatal accident. Our heroine embarks on a solitary, world journey through the 20th century never aging beyond twenty-nine years until she falls in love with a young man (Game of Thrones’s Michiel Huisman) who might be worth losing her immortality to. Harrison Ford plays [an old flame of hers (literally)] and Ellen Burstyn her daughter.


IMG_8822 (2)_marked

IMG_8824 (2)_marked

Technocrane on tracks to capture the scene. Crew member holding up what looks like a fishing rod will yank the yellow hat off Blake Lively’s head to simulate wind blowing it off.

aoa barnet beach_marked

aoa camera2_marked

aoa camera_marked

Backgrounders in period costume.

AOA 2.3_marked

Canada Geese didn’t heed the orange cones marking the filming area, walking in and out of the shot.

canada geesen2_marked

mom and the kids_marked

Barnet Marine Park.

aoa barnet beach2_marked

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