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SHOOT: CW Pilot iZOMBIE Stunt Fall on Beatty Street

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Rob Thomas’s CW pilot iZombie staged a stunt tonight on Beatty Street during the Vancouver Canucks game. It took hours to set up but crew filmed two takes of this stunt woman falling head-first from a balcony to the sidewalk below just as fans exited the game and flooded the area.

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Once with stunt mats below. And the second time without any.

iz stunt2iz stunt

iZombie is a procedural about a medical student-turned-zombie Olivia (Once Upon a Time’s Rose McIver)  who works in a Coroner’s Office where she eats the brains of corpses as a way to survive without killing anyone. But here’s the added twist: each brain she eats gives her their memories which could help solve open homicide cases.

Could this stunt fall with a camera be from the perspective of the victim — a memory that will help Olivia solve a homicide.

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Olivia passes off her ability as “psychic” to work with a police detective (Malcolm Goodwin). Robert Buckley is Liz’s former fiancé and [role being recast], her best friend and roommate. David Anders is bad guy Blaine.

3 thoughts on “SHOOT: CW Pilot iZOMBIE Stunt Fall on Beatty Street”

  1. Not in these photographs. More important to have trained stunt people on hand than a David Anders double. Although like you I hold Anders’s character Blaine responsible for this woman’s death.

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