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SHOOT: THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Stunt Fight With Peyton List & Aaron Woo in Oceanic Plaza

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The Tomorrow People closed the 1000 block of West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver today for a season finale standoff: special-powered Cara (Peyton List and her stunt double above) and Russell (Aaron Woo and his stunt double) versus several gun-toting Ultra agents (stunt performers).

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The rat-a-tat-tat of the guns (really loud) echoed through Oceanic Plaza as Cara stopped the bullets with telekinesis.

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After the gunfire, the scene moved into an elaborately choreographed fight. Because the Tomorrow People have the three Ts — telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation — the fight scene stopped and started as Cara or Russell went through the motion of teleporting while everyone else in the shot froze. Before The Tomorrow People went to camera today, the stunt and fight coordinators had worked out each jump and there were several rehearsals on Oceanic Plaza. To us, it looked as complicated as any Broadway dance routine and was executed just as smoothly in several takes in the rain.

Cara stunt double below.

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