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START: Big-Budget Live-Action Movie MONSTER TRUCKS Begins Filming

monster trucks animated

Filming of Monsters Trucks, the live-action debut of Ice Age director Chris Wedge, got underway today. The $100-million-plus movie stars Danny Glover as a man with a junkyard along with Rob Lowe, Thomas Lennon, Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Lucas Till (X-Men). Amy Ryan (The Office), Holt McCallaney (Golden Boy), Barry Pepper, Frank Whaley and monster trucks of course.

Some of the movie is expected to be shot in and around Kamloops but production is based in Vancouver until it wraps in mid-July.

Monster Trucks

2 thoughts on “START: Big-Budget Live-Action Movie MONSTER TRUCKS Begins Filming”

  1. Being shot this last week in Chilliwack. Basically shut down merchant traffic and they offered pittance compensation. Businesses badly hurt by this production. City doesn’t give a crap.

  2. Want to be a part of this love big trucks need set construction or a driver double let me know. Carpenter by trade. Site superintendent is my job. I will volunteer my services

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